(1) Arvind Kejriwal seems to be corrupt himself. How ?
Ans: Why Kejriwal had to return govt money later on when he thinks he was clean and did not do any wrongs?

(2) Arvind Kejrial has a criminal mind. How ?
Ans: He took law into his hands and restored electrical connection in Delhi stating a family was very poor and can't afford heavy electricity bill. Media reported that family had 4 TVs, 2 Refrigerators, many lights and 20 guys were living in the house. So of course heavy electrical bill would come.

(3) Kejriwal lacks decency, and good manners. How ?
When BJP leaders Vijay Kumar Goel was addressing a public rally in Delhi Kejriwal came and took his mike and said bad words about BJP. Kejriwal has right to criticize BJP but he can’t use BJP organized rally. Such kind of bad manners have never been seen anywhere in the world.

(4) Arvind Kejriwal and his party have collected money from bad sources which is a crime. How ?
Ans: Arundhati Roy leveled a charge against Arvind Kejriwal, that his NGO received along with Manish Sisodia $400,000 from the Ford Foundation.

(5) Kumar Vishwas involved in unethical work. How ?
Ans: Kumar Vishwas is drawing a salary from his Ghaziabad College while being an activist.

(6) Arvind Kejriwal’s colleagues are anti-nationals. How ?
Ans: Prashant Bhushan demanded separation of Kashmir from India. So if Kejriwal's party wins elections, Kashmir would be gone to Pakistan or made independent separate nation.

(7) Kejriwal's closest party member Prashant Bhusan is also corrupt. How ?
Ans: Can Prashant Bhusan explain his past land deals?

(8) Why Kejriwal opposed Kudankulam Nuclear plant? He is against development. How ?
Ans: USA already producing 60% of total electrical power from nuclear plants since ages.

(9) Kejriwal is shielding corrupt. How ?
Ans: Activist Anjali Damania is called as land shark as she grabbed poor farmer’s 36 acres land. She tried to divert dam to save her land. She produced false certificate to buy lands. Kejriwal is supported her.

(10) Kejriwal is an Islamist and sowing seeds of another partition along with Congress, secular forces. How ?
Ans: Congress supported 30% reservation to Muslims in North West province of Undivided India. Muslims outnumbered Hindus in Police, Army and other sectors. India failed to control violence caused by Jinnah direct action in 1947 because large number of Muslims were present in Police, Army, and other sectors. When Kejriwal announced reservation to Muslims he is sowing seeds of another partition of India.

(11) Kejriwal can't touch highness of RSS ideologues like Sardar Patel and Dr Shayama Prasad Mukherji etc. How ?
Ans: Sardar Patel united India. Unfortunately he died very early in 1950. Otherwise he could have resolved many problems India is facing today. Late RSS leader Dr Shayama Prasad Mukherji sacrificed his life for Kashmir as he was killed by anti-national Abdulla family. But he got revoked Permit System required for Indians to enter Kashmir.